Christmas Greetings!

Dear Friends, Greetings in our Lord's sweet name. We are again at the End of an Year and at the threshold of another. You shouldn't miss reading on 'Starting & Finishing' on Pg 22. This issue points out how CHRIST who is the Reason for the Season, is the PERSON who matters the most (Pg 19) for every living human, whether poor and simple (Pg12) or wise and rich (Pg 26). There is also a profile of Martin Luther (Pg 7) as we celebrate 500 Years of Reformation. You will find the usual features - Social essay (Children's plight in the 21st Century [Pg38]), Kitchen Table Talk (Pg 42) and Youth Page (Pg 44)- enlightening. And there is a Short Story (Pg 32) to entertain . We hope, you will enjoy reading this issue. If you are being blessed in your Christian walk through this 'literature' ministry, please take us to your friends and relatives. Warm Regards, Rajsevak  (For Vanamutham) 

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